Kesha Williams – Computer Programmer

Let's launch more women in STEM careers! Let's close the gender gap in STEM fields! Let's make STEM more diverse! How can we achieve these goals?  We can achieve these goals by mentoring, volunteering, donating, speaking, and spreading our individual stories.

Computers Control the World; I Control Computers!

I am a computer programmer, web application developer, game designer, and technical project manager with 20+ years’ experience. I began coding when I was a freshman in high school without even knowing it. My father purchased a Tandy PC (IBM PC compatible home computer system produced by the Tandy Corporation for sale at RadioShack), and I began reading the instruction manual and typing in the commands found at the back of the book. I was amazed that I could control the computer! During my junior year of high school, I attended a summer science enrichment training program at a local college, which further instilled a desire to pursue a career in a computer related field. I attended Spelman College in Atlanta, GA, majoring in Computer Science & Mathematics. I specialize in the Java programming language and have worked for places like the National Security Agency (NSA), McKesson Information System, Delta Air Lines, University of California, Georgia State University, Chick-fil-A, etc. doing computer programming and teaching. As a computer programmer, I get to sit and play on my computer ALL day, which is something I don't even allow my kids to do! LOL I love my STEM career because it is challenging but yet very rewarding at the same time. I am always learning the latest technology and playing with new gadgets, which I find very exciting and fun!! I would urge everyone to consider a career in computer programming.

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