Nancy McGee – Chief Operating Officer


I always had an interest in the world around me, whether it was people, the land, water, air or space. I've been fortunate to have a career that has challenged me to learn and apply my knowledge and abilities to many organizations. My path started with having two terrific parents, a fourth grade teacher who taught me a love for reading, a high school teacher who helped make math easy, and a fabulous professor in college who gave me a passion for geography. Add to that a military family background (I'm a tumbleweed) and a willingness to take any opportunity and do my best, and I've enjoyed many opportunities to excel and broaden my reach. I've worked in industry, government and academia and enjoyed many privileges and opportunities. Concurrently I've recognized organizational drawbacks, and rolled with the punches - - the biggest one being a woman in a man's industry. Today things are balanced, but frankly, less fun with everyone watching their "P's and Q's" (look up where that phrase originated just for fun). Government gave me great training and access to build solid core knowledge; academia made me think expansively and creatively; industry has kept me sharp and requires speed, agility, and innovation. My favorite job was running a ship operation and oceanography staff program which required my geospatial and management skills, while building on my nautical knowledge to understand weather physics both above and below the waterline. Presenting at an international conference on a topic that wasn't in my comfort zone gave me my greatest professional fear. I've watched the science and technology make amazing advancements over four decades, and want to stay current so I can cross generations, while staying rooted in basic principles. I've found that its best to be yourself, observe and participate, and if you are lucky, a strong mentor will help you navigate organizational perils. When life gets in the way, try to find the silver lining, and amazingly, there usually is one. Don't hesitate to explore, don't hesitate to smile, allow people to be kind, and always treat everyone, high and low, with mutual respect. Travel and meet interesting people, put down that electronic device that we are all addicted to, and enjoy great conversation with new friends and old. Lastly, treasure your family, because jobs and friends come and go, but family is forever.



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