Kellie M. Jaremko – Neuroscientist

I study brains and treat patients

Kellie M. Jaremko

I didn't come from a wealthy family so getting to college wasn't easy and required a lot of studying to get a scholarship while working. It has also been challenging to balance research focus with medical training. When I was doing research there were times that there wasn't any grant money for my project and I had to get creative to make my projects work on a small budget. As you might imagine I work a lot of the time so its always challenging finding time for friends and family but now I just schedule them in ahead of time which helps. There are always obstacles but if you are hard working and driven you can accomplish anything.

I am a scientist that studies the nervous system a.ka. a neuroscientist and all my research generally revolves around studying pain. I am also a physician training to be an anesthesiologist, the doctor who keeps you alive in the operating room while the surgeon operates.

I had family with pain disorders so I grew up wanting to help them. In college I learned about how the brain and nervous system control pain so I started studying neuroscience. My initial plan was to become an MD but I fell in love with research in the process and decided to do both. I can help people in different ways by doing research and patient care,  plus it keeps things interesting.



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