Molly Proffitt, Game Developer

Molly Proffitt

This year the team at Ker-Chunk Games released the Facebook version of our first game "PrinceNapped," a puzzle game to rescue a handsome prince. 11 people including 4 women contributed to the development of the project. You can play the game at

Look out for it on mobile soon!

What is your chosen STEM field?

Games development.

Why did you choose this field?

I chose to work in video games because I loved playing games and thought that the potential for storytelling and creativity in games would lead to an enjoyable profession. It was not my first thought though! I did not know I could pursue games as a career until I was twenty. Before that I had build websites and was working in film as well as pursuing a degree in motion media. The release of smartphones and tablets changed my perspective on technology and leveled the playing field for me to explore the games industry.

What obstacles have you had to overcome in your career/college journey?

A lot of people doubt women's capabilities and there is a lot of adversity both towards women and people of color in video games. We have so much work to do for equality and to erase unconscious bias. I have found that diverse individuals supporting each other by sharing opportunities and knowledge has been very helpful to overcome any roadblocks in my career. Surrounding myself with allies and advisors has been helpful when I need a sounding board as well.



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