Jasmine Bowers – Computer Science



3.) What obstacles have you overcome in your career/college journey?

As a woman of color in a male-dominated field, I have sometimes felt that I was not qualified to be in computer science and security. "Imposter syndrome" has surfaced on many occasions, but I have learned that my qualifications are evident in my work and not my skin color.

1.) What is your chosen STEM field?

Computer Science

2.) Why did you choose this field?

I have loved math since I was in elementary school. My mother gave me a laptop at an early age and provided educational computer games that I interacted with for hours every day of the week. I grew to love not only math but computers, and in high school, I was encouraged by my mother and teachers to pursue degrees in those areas. When I initially started college, my plan was to major in mathematics. However, a computer science professor and woman of color in my department introduced me to computer science. Once I realized how fascinating the field was, I declared it as a minor and ultimately a major. Computer science and cyber security play critical roles in society and have the ability to positively impact our entire world. The broader impact is a major reason why I enjoy this field.



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