Camille Eddy – Mechanical Engineering

Camille Eddy

I chose Mechanical Engineering (ME) because of its broadness.

I was and am very interested in space and becoming an astronaut. I also enjoyed designing, anything from imaginary towns and their streets and buildings to a diary with a locket for the key. And even though I only designed it, it made me think more about being an engineer. Today I have combined those interests and am working on robotics. Robots have big applications for life on Earth and in space and I designed a robotic hand and built it for an internship last summer. I finally brought one of my designs to completion!

Some of the struggles I have met is feeling like I don't belong to the engineering community. Before my internship when I didn't place a high score with a test or quiz and misunderstood a concept I wondered if I could make it. But once I saw how well I did outside the classroom in internships, research and student leadership, I was able to carry that confidence back to my school work. My encouragement is to take the time to find where your strengths are and use that to fuel your passion and desire to push through challenges or problems you don't understand yet.



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