Gladys Delancey-Bolding – Biology Lab Supervisor/Biology Instructor

Impacting Girls Through Authentic STEM Opportunities

Gladys Delancey-Bolding

I am currently employed at Georgia State University- Perimeter College where I serve as a biology lab supervisor/biology instructor. My responsibilities are extensive and requires one to be detail oriented and knowledgeable about various aspects of science. I chose this profession because of its depth. I always tell people that if you have an appetite for knowledge, science is the route to pursue because it is like an abyss. There is always something new to explore.

Throughout my journey in the aforementioned capacity I encounter numerous students that express their antipathy for science. My response is “you live science everyday.” The truth is many students view science as an isolated entity due to lack of contextual relevance. Moreover, I realized that this aversion towards science began at an early age and continued into adulthood. I knew the best approach to changing attitudes would require early intervention. This led to the creation of BioLogue. BioLogue is a hands on STEM experiential learning program for underserved and underrepresented K-12 populations. Students experiment and explore topics such as: Material Science, Chemistry of Cosmetics, Forensic Science, Drones, Robotics, Anatomy & Physiology, Coding, 3D Printing, Microscopy, Botany and more. In addition, the BioLogue research based STEM Fair for Girls empower girls in 6th – 12th grades by allowing them to showcase their research projects and have them reviewed by STEM experts. Although BioLogue is addressing the STEM gap, there is still much to be done. As a woman of color in science, I have experienced a plethora of inequities throughout my career. I have had to overcome discrimination, harassment, hostile environments and various stereotypes. Nevertheless, in order to change these injustices women of color must become more visible in STEM fields.



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  1. What an inspiring story Gladys! I applaud you and your BioLogue program for making a difference in the lives of the younger generation. You’re amazing!

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