Edaena Salinas – Software Engineer


3.) What obstacles have you had to overcome in your career?

I am very grateful for all the opportunities that I've had throughout my career and my years in college. I have become more confident in my abilities and have improved my communication skills. One obstacle I had was that during my first interviews for an internship, after I was given a problem I would start thinking about it but not say anything to the interviewer, and I would later say the solution. This was an obstacle because I wasn't communicating my full thought process and how I had come to a solution.


1.) What is your chosen STEM field?

Software Engineering and Computer Science

2.) Why did you choose this field?

When I took a Computer Science class in high school my first project was to build a console application that would print out your Body Mass Index. I got very excited when I saw my application working and remember showing it to my mom. I found this field very rewarding because I was able to build something quickly and see it working at my own house. This is an advantage to other fields where you need to be at a lab, or buy expensive equipment.




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