Dr. Christine S. Grant – Chemical Engineering Professor

STEM Resilience as a Lifestyle


My own STEM Journey has been a series of ups and downs, highs and lows...a race of sorts - to a destination of a career full of STEM FLEXIBILITY. Those on the sidelines of my STEM race have been coaching and mentoring me along the way.  They have provided waters of support, clothed me in resources and provided shoes to protect me in the rocky, rough places.  As one of a few African American women full professors in Chemical Engineering in the US and the first AA women engineering professor in the NCSU College of Engineering.. It has indeed been a journey.  The concept of STEM Resilience is one that I have lived for over 30 years in the academy.  It has required a tenacity for the work at hand, a creativity for the changing career requirements and a passion for the field.  I have been blessed to have a supportive family, coaches, advocates and mentors in addition to an amazing job as a professor and now associate dean in the college of engineering.  Finally - the training I have received ( B.S. Brown, M.S. & Ph.D. Georgia Tech in chemical engineering)  has empowered me to be an entrepreneur; as a speaker & coach, I work as an academic resilience strategist with individuals and institutions to broaden participation in STEM.  My book (co-edited with Peggy Pritchard), "Success Strategies from Women in STEM: A portable mentor" and a column in the magazine Diversity in Action entitled, "STEM Resilience" (http://www.diversityinaction.net/) has been a great way to spread the word about the power of STEM RESILIENCE!! I hope to connect with more amazing women – so I can continue to learn more about this race (twitter: @drgrantempowers)



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