Amelia Gould – Head of Engineering


My advice to young women is to keep an open mind, there are far more options out there than you could believe and don’t be afraid to stretch yourself – you are more able than you think.

My chosen STEM field is Engineering, more specifically Information System Engineering.

I always loved Maths and Sciences and enjoyed finding out what made the world the way it is. Luckily had some great teachers who allowed me to explore these STEM subjects and supported my investigations. My Physics teacher suggested engineering and I did a 3 day “introduction to engineering for girls” course at Brunel University. We spent the time building towers out of spaghetti and problem solving. I loved it and was totally hooked!

The main obstacle I had to overcome was to select which type of engineering I wanted to do, as so many sounded so interesting! I decided to do a degree in Engineering Science which included all disciplines. By the end of the first year I found out I wasn’t any good at Mechanical Engineering so I dropped that part and took up Computer Science instead. I was the only girl on the Computer Science course, but the boys were really supportive and helped me out when I got stuck. I found I really enjoyed the subject and graduated with a First Class degree.

Throughout my career there have been other obstacles, but I found that being resilient and knowing when to push myself and when to ask for help from someone else is key to not getting stressed by a situation.



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