Annabella Busawule Johnson – Humanitarian Technologist


Notable is her 7 years as a Software Configuration Manager for The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization where she also served as Secretary and member of the Joint Consultative Panel for the Staff Council.

Annabella has great strengths in practical, emotional and cognitive intelligence. She is a compassionate, resilient and driven leader who is gifted in listening and mentorship. She thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the team and organisation’s reach to bring harmony and success.

Annabella is currently a co-owner RohoConsult, a founder and president Diplomat256 Association, co-founder African-European Socio-Economic Partner’s Program, and serves as a Member Board of Directors for DISPAS Uganda.

Annabella holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from Valdosta State University, U.SA, a Master of Science in Software Engineering from the University of Brighton, U.K. She is also currently pursuing a Master of Science in Conflict Analysis and Resolutions from George Mason University, U.S.A

Annabella Busawule Johnson is a well traveled Humanitarian Technologist who advocates for the effective and innovative use of Information and Communication Technologies within the Humanitarian Enterprise for social transformation.

She strives to use her knowledge and expertise in software engineering to support and enable global conflict transformation, peacebuilding and reconciliation, with a keen interest in social dynamics of global terrorism, extreme violence, crisis mapping and threat intelligence. Prior to starting Diplomat256 Association, she worked as an International civil servant at the preparatory commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization at the United Nations base in Vienna, Austria.

She has also worked for several software development companies, educational institutions, served on several boards of directors both in the profit and non-profit sector. While at Uganda Christian University she served as a member of Senate and executive committee.



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