A3263F Five beautiful women and four different races

"I always push my children to explore STEM, but why stop at just my children?  There will soon be a global shortage of qualified candidates in STEM fields and something needs to be done about now; we need to be proactive and not reactive. I want to inspire others and spread my passion for technology.  Most people don't realize that STEM fields can be a key emancipator for women and because of the impending shortage, there are a ton of programs and scholarships available in just about every city.  Let's launch more women in STEM careers! Let's close the gender gap in STEM fields! Let's make STEM more diverse! How can we achieve this?  We can achieve this by mentoring, volunteering, donating, speaking, and spreading our individual stories."

Kesha Williams - founder of the Colors of STEM

Our Goal

Our goal is to give young girls of all colors under the rainbow role models in STEM by telling the colorful and inspiring stories of STEM women world-wide.

Our Story

Our Founder, Kesha Williams, has always had a passion for technology. After looking at the astounding figures around the STEM shortage, she knew something had to be done.  She knew she could volunteer her skills to help combat the shortage.  As a mother of three, she always pushed her children to explore STEM related concepts, but she also had an internal desire to reach children around the world.

Tell Your Story

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